ECCC celebration bundle

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ECCC celebration bundle


3 Pens for $105

No matter the size of your collection The Figpen is the sleekest way to display and organize your favorite Pins. Its the only display that you can grow from 8 to 48 seamlessly. The Figpen is lite weight and can be mounted with screws or command strips. It was designed to display 8 hard case FiGPiNs with plastic identifying sleeve perfectly but can also be used to display soft case and mini FiGPiNs. It is made out of PLA plastic and is a 3D Printed product manufactured in Brooklyn, NY

Each Pen holds :

-Displays 8 FiGPiNs

-Made from PLA Plastic

-This is a 3D Printed product

-Ships in 1-2 weeks

-Free Shipping for up to 4 displays